domaine select

Domaine Select Wine & Spirits (DSWS) was founded to represent wines and specialized spirits from around the world of the highest quality and which express tremendous character, particular to their origin. DSWS is committed to working as partners with the producers within each portfolio to transmit the passion and personality inside every bottle. Expression, Diversity, Character and Tradition are tenets of DSWS and of the wines and spirits proudly represented.

The Team:

Paolo Domeneghetti, Founder, lends international prowess stemming from extensive experience in the wine and spirits and restaurant industries paired with a vast array of in-depth relationships and extensive worldwide travel.

Allison Domeneghetti, President of DSMerchants, offers a distinctive perspective based on a professional and educational background in both fine art and history coupled with comprehensive experience in fine wine auctions and beverage sales and marketing. Their combined expertise spanning fine wine, boutique spirits, hospitality, sales, marketing, and brand building is unparalleled. Creativity, passion, and dynamic thinking have been the impetus for DSWS’s rapid growth and penetration of the U.S. market.


TEAM A team of dynamic professionals with progressive ideas and extensive experience in sales, marketing and administration

PORTFOLIOS Portfolios have been strategically developed with foremost attention to philosophical alignment

ENERGY DSWS supports internal passion and knowledge which translates to the marketplace, enabling tremendous momentum and velocity of growth

GOALS Goal are specifically tailored for every producer within each market

LOCATION Headquartered in Midtown Manhattan with warehousing facilities in New Jersey and California

TECHNOLOGY All sales, financial, and operational transactions occur through several customized real-time software solutions to allow optimum transparency and efficiency

STANDARDS DSWS sets the highest standards in every aspect of business: portfolio management, sales, marketing and customer service