frederick corriher


I look for these characteristics in every wine I represent. I import only what I consider to be very interesting, very honest wines from classic appellations in France. Unique, artisanal, small production wines that speak to particular places in the world, and the people who live in them. – Frederick Corriher


Frederick Corriher Wine is a small but dynamic French wine import company that works only with small growers and farmers...vignerons that grow their own grapes, work their own vines, and make authentic wine.  

Frederick is committed to only importing wines that are made in an authentic fashion and that very much speak of their place...their terroir.  Nothing manufactured or over-manipulated.  Virtually all of the estates represented are either certified organic (or biodynamic) or are in organic conversion.  Frederick believes strongly that responsible treatment of the planet and its ecosystems is tantamount to sustainability and also that this method of vine-growing and wine-making makes the most authentic wine.  He also feels that a grower that is committed to organic or biodynamic farming likely has the work ethic in the winery and commitment to excellence that is most attractive to him.  By a large margin, Frederick turns away far more producers than he ultimately chooses to represent, all in an effort to only put his name on bottles of wine that truly speak to him.

The Frederick Corriher Wine portfolio is centered exclusively in France, and it is comprised of both internationally-renowned producers as well as young, up-and-comer winemakers. Frederick particularly enjoys discovering producers who are in the beginning stages of transforming their family estate into one of those widely-renowned estates previously mentioned.