ms walker

In 1929, Maurice S. Walker expanded his local pharmaceutical business into flavorings, extracts and syrups. Officially incorporated in 1931, M.S. Walker initially set up shop in Boston’s South End neighborhood. After the repeal of Prohibition in 1933, the company expanded into the production and distribution of alcoholic beverages.

M.S. Walker has always maintained its integrity and strength as a family business. Leo Allen, Maurice S. Walker’s son-in-law, joined the company soon after its founding. His imagination and creativity began a tradition of ground-breaking marketing that has continued with each succeeding generation. Through perseverance, salesmanship and hard work, the company has continued to grow, both within Massachusetts and beyond.

The innovative marketing approach and coordinated sales efforts that made M.S. Walker's own brands successful have helped to elevate several national brands. Today, the company's spirits portfolio has grown into one of the most comprehensive in Massachusetts, with representation of large national brands, specialty craft products and proprietary brands.

M.S. Walker entered into the business of marketing and distributing wines during the "wine boom" of the 1960s. Growth was focused on small estates and emergent areas, with an emphasis on value. The company successfully introduced its own brands of popular wine categories, which led to the expansion of its wine portfolio. Through cutting-edge marketing

Now entering its fifth generation, a dedication to building strong personal relationships with clients and suppliers--as well as continuously upgrading its portfolio, staff, facilities and management, position M.S. Walker for long-term continued success in the wine and spirits industry.and hard work, M.S. Walker was able to achieve dynamic growth for several new brands that were later to be recognized as being among the most important in the industry.