michael skurnik wines

Skurnik Wines and Spirits is an importer and distributor of fine wines and spirits headquartered in the heart of New York City. We taste, select and offer for sale (to the trade only) a high quality, diversified portfolio of wines and spirits from around the world. The company began with just a handful of relatively unknown estates in 1987 and has since grown to represent over 500 estates.

The goal of Skurnik Wines is to search the globe and assemble the finest portfolio of estate-bottled wines and spirits available at all price points. Wines and spirits selected to be included in the portfolio must represent the highest quality with respect to character and winemaking. The company is very proactive in seeking out QUALITY FIRST and willing to do everything in their power to insure that what they taste makes it INTO THE BOTTLE. Over the past 30+ years, they have developed an excellent reputation and it is our goal to insure that if a wine says “Imported by Skurnik Wines and Spirits” it is as close to a guarantee of quality as possible. To this day, Michael and Harmon taste every vintage of every wine that makes it into the portfolio – to insure that each is good enough to wear the Skurnik Wines and Spirits name.

There isn't a have a “house palate” per se, but Skurnik does favor and select wines that express a “sense of place” i.e. “terroir”. Wines selected for the Skurnik portfolio must exhibit balance and finesse, and express identity. We never forget that fine wine comes from exceptional GRAPES grown in exceptional terroir, cared for by talented winemakers.